Instilling Faith & Principles in an Industry Few Trust
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Automotive Franchise 

We’re a Business-Focused Company That Applies Strong Biblical Principles to the Auto Repair Industry

Franchise Opportunity
Franchise Opportunity

About Us

A Different Kind of Automotive Franchise

Instilling Faith & Principles in an Auto Repair Industry Few Trust

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we’re more than just vehicle repair. In the words of Christian Brothers Automotive Franchisee, Mike Cotter, our top priority is serving others; we just happen to do that by fixing cars. Through our people-first approach to car care, we strive to be a light in the automotive industry, separating ourselves from our competitors by providing our teams and guests with transparency, support and the peace of mind to know that when they step into one of our shops, they’re in capable and caring hands.

When Christian Brothers Automotive first opened in 1982, our founders recognized an appetite for a different type of auto care. Our unique approach offers an experience that is unlike what most people typically expect from their mechanic. It’s what enabled us to start franchising in 1996, and what ultimately led us to having over 250 automotive franchise locations operating nationwide today. We have never closed a single location and continue to build upon one of the best reputations in the auto service industry.

About Christian Brothers
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The Opportunity

Competitive Advantages That Set Us Apart

At Christian Brothers Automotive we not only believe, but we have proven that there is another way to thrive in the vehicle franchise industry: treating our franchisees and guests like family and ensuring that every experience is predicated on respect, transparency, and integrity.

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This approach doesn't just uniquely benefit our guests; it also benefits our employees. Our Nice Difference® services make it easier for car owners to drop off their cars during the week, and for our franchisees to close their shops on Saturdays and Sundays. This gives our employees the critical time they need to spend with their families and engage in other pursuits beyond their commitment to Christian Brothers Automotive.

As a company, we are focused on franchisee satisfaction. To us, our franchisees are close team members and trusted ambassadors of the Christian Brothers Automotive brand. We know they are committed to our values and to providing quality guest care, so we, in turn, want to provide them with the quality support they need to succeed. That is why we are so proud that, for ten consecutive years, Christian Brothers Automotive has been among the Top 50 franchises for franchisee satisfaction ranked by Franchise Business Review.

Faith Based

We’re changing the way guests experience auto service.

CBA Royalty

We don’t get paid until you do.

2:1 Franchisee Support Ratio

For all franchisees, for the life of your business.

Annual Salary

Franchisees receive an annual salary through their business

Balanced Work Model

Owners and their teams are guaranteed evenings and weekends off for time with family and friends.

Community Focus

We believe in fixing more than cars and trucks, which is why we prioritize donating to people and communities in need.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Our repairs (parts and labor) are covered by our Nice Difference Warranty® which is for 3 years/36,000 miles (whichever comes last).


Our repairs (parts and labor) are covered by our Nice Difference Warranty® which is for 3 years/36,000 miles (whichever comes last).

Zero Automotive Experience Needed

You Don’t Need to Be a Car Expert to Be Really Good at Being a Franchisee

It’s true: you don’t have to be a car expert to be really good at being a franchisee. Don’t believe us? At least 85% of our franchisees had no automotive experience prior to opening their vehicle franchise – and we love that! 

This perspective has allowed us to see the auto industry from the inside out and provide extraordinary guest service. We’ve built a successful brand around owners who have no automotive experience because you don’t have to love cars or understand how they work to excel at our car repair franchise opportunity.

Whether or not franchisees have experience with cars isn't our focus; we look to all areas of expertise. We have found that team leadership experience, sales experience, self-directed personal development, career progression, and making an impact on the local community outweigh experience in the automotive industry.

Biblical Principles

Our Core Values and Culture Commitments

At Christian Brothers Automotive, it’s far more important for franchisee candidates to align with our values over possessing industry experience.

Some values we look for prospective owners to embody include:

  • Embrace and encourage diverse perspectives.
  • Take personal responsibility instead of placing blame elsewhere.
  • Commit to a spirit of giving and helping others.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
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  • Never say anything about anyone we would not say to the individual directly.
  • Communicate honestly with purpose and humility.
  • Commit to inclusive communication, especially with those impacted by the resulting action.
  • Resolve differences timely and respectfully.
High Level
  • Act with integrity, making only agreements we are willing, able, and intend to keep.
  • When faced with a challenge, find a solution, and resolve it, or bring it to someone who can.
  • Be what we expect of others.
  • Commit to serving others and building servant leaders.
  • Seek to glorify God in all we say and do, acknowledging that our success is a gift from God.
  • Have fun in the process.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt; expect they have good intentions.
  • Always look for an opportunity to grow and learn.
Ready to join the Christian Brothers Automotive family?

Please feel free to reach out, and a member of our franchise development team will get in touch.

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Tools for Success
Training and Support

Providing Our Franchisees the Tools for Success

We put a distinct emphasis on the success of our team members by providing high level training and support to ensure franchisees have everything they need to succeed in their local marketplace.

Become part of a unique space in the auto service industry – no experience required! At Christian Brothers Automotive, we see great potential in car repair franchise owners with little or no automotive repair experience because they can come to us with valuable insight toward guest service, a quality that outweighs industry know-how. Our comprehensive training and ongoing support helps fill in the missing pieces in the Automotive Franchise model. 

What does your investment in this Auto Repair Shop Franchise Opportunity get you? 

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Franchise Opportunity

Christian Brothers Automotive
Investment Process

While each franchise is individually owned and operated, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

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Franchise Opportunity

Change The Auto
Repair Industry

Join the Auto Repair Team
That Guests Trust

Since we started franchising, we’ve expanded to over 250 locations across the nation. Learn about the available growth markets where Christian Brothers Automotive has plans to expand.

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Our Awards & Accolades

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Christian Brothers Automotive

Disclaimer: Information made available through this website regarding the Christian Brothers Automotive franchise opportunity is for general information only and is not intended to be a franchise offer. Offers are made only after delivery of an effective Franchise Disclosure Document in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. None of the communications made through this website should be construed as an offer to sell Christian Brothers Automotive franchises in, nor is any such communication directed to the residents of, any jurisdiction requiring registration of a franchise before it is offered and sold in that jurisdiction. No Christian Brothers Automotive franchises will be sold to any resident of such jurisdiction until the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by, such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law.

Format Disclosure: Assuming you qualify as a prospective franchisee of Christian Brothers Automotive, we may provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document in hard copy or electronic format. If the Franchise Disclosure Document is furnished electronically, it will be provided in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. You must use the Adobe Acrobat program in order to open and view this type of electronic file.

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