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Many potential franchise candidates come to us excited about our business model but worried that they don’t have the automotive experience necessary to be successful.
Automotive experience

Many potential franchise candidates come to us excited about our business model but worried that they don’t have the automotive experience necessary to be successful.

The good news is that 85% of our franchisees have never worked in the industry before joining the brand. In fact, our founder, Mark Carr, didn’t have any automotive experience before he founded Christian Brothers Automotive in 1982. While it’s true that we’re looking for business-savvy leaders who share in our unique mission and vision, automotive experience has never been a requirement.

Each day at our shops presents differently. While things like cleaning the lobby, writing repair tickets, and ordering parts are, of course, part of the daily routine, most important are the small moments of joy that we find in the midst of the hustle and bustle of fixing cars.

Whether it’s a handwritten thank you note from a happy customer, shuttling a guest to and from work and really getting to know them and their story, or carving out space in the community to give back, our Franchisees will tell you that the best parts of their day have nothing to do with fixing cars. While the exact daily routine varies from shop to shop and day to day, keep reading to hear some of our current franchise owners and operators speak to the best parts of their day.

A day in lifeA day in life
Work-Life Balance

Unlike most other automotive repair shops, we’re closed on the weekends. This allows us to better serve our guests during the week and gives our franchisees and their team members valuable time away from work to spend with their loved ones. Our shops are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. After hours, our franchisees are free to attend their kids’ sporting events or school programs, go to church, participate in community events, or whatever else they may feel called to do. They are community and family members first and business owners second. Many enjoy that they still get time for the important things in life.

I thoroughly enjoy that valuable time with my husband and kids. I get to be an involved parent, parishioner and member of the community, all while building my business. I couldn’t imagine sacrificing any important piece of my life and appreciate the opportunity to be a franchise owner while still pouring into all of these cups.”

- Jonita White, Franchisee, West Frisco

Stewarding a Team

Becoming a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee brings the privileged opportunity to lead a team of service writers and technicians. Our franchisees often cite the ability to curate their own team culture and steward their teams towards new personal and professional milestones as one of their favorite parts of owning a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise. 

“One of my favorite parts of being a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee is getting to lead my team. I’ve watched my guys blossom in ways they didn’t think was possible before joining CBA. I’ve even helped develop a shop team member through various training programs and now he owns a CBA location of his own, and is making his own impact in that community. It truly doesn’t get any better than that.”

– Kelly Adams, Franchisee, CBA New Territory

A day in lifeRomans Crestwood
Giving backGiving back
Giving Back

A key part of who we are as a brand is giving back to the communities we serve. That’s why our mission has remained rooted in Matthew 22:39, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” since we opened our first shop over forty years ago. Many of our franchisees sit on the board for various non-profit organizations, while others partner with outside organizations and churches to find and fill needs in their local area.

We believe in fixing more than cars and trucks, which is why we prioritize donating to local charities to help support our neighborhoods and community members. We also celebrate a National Day of Service every October. We open on a Saturday (a day we’re normally closed) and donate our time, parts, and expertise to provide oil changes and other safety repairs to those who may not be able to afford automotive maintenance otherwise. Each year the event leaves a lasting impact.

“The best part of being a CBA Franchisee is when we're able to partner with other organizations and give back to folks in our community. Yesterday, with the help of several other people and organizations, we were able to provide a life-changing van to a single mother of six who had no transportation. There were many tears of joy shed all around as the keys were handed over. This was a community effort to give a hand-up to a young lady who wants to do the best for her kids. We love this community! God had a hand in this one for sure.”

- Tom Burgess, Franchisee, CBA Cumming and CBA Jones Bridge

Serving Guests

Another one of the biggest drivers of joy at our shops is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with our guests. We strive to be good neighbors in our communities and know that more important than the cars we service are the people who drive them. Many of our franchisees have cultivated lifelong friendships with their guests and note that this is one of their favorite parts of being a part of our organization.

I absolutely LOVE hearing our guests say, “I’ve never been treated this well in an automotive repair shop!” or “This is the best group of people I’ve ever worked with when it comes to my car!” Our main goal is to give our guests a very non-typical experience and it shows in how the guests respond.” 

- Jeff Cole, Franchisee, Hampton Cove

Serving guestHampton Cove
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