Multi-Unit Automotive Repair Franchise Owners Dole Out 'Sweet' Advice

Multi-Unit Automotive Repair Franchise Owners Dole Out 'Sweet' Advice

Christian Brothers franchisees get to the heart of successfully operating multiple stores

franchiseworldHave you ever been in a store when two employees were bickering about how to get something done or a manager was berating a worker right there in front of customers? It’s an uncomfortable situation at best, and it’s bad for business. A harmonious team is necessary for a business to thrive, and it’s absolutely mandatory if an owner wants to take his business to the next level.

That’s great advice from some veteran entrepreneurs: Nola and Brian Klaubert, who own and operate three Christian Brothers Automotive franchise auto repair facilities in the Atlanta area. The couple was featured recently in Franchising World, the International Franchising Association’s magazine. In an article titled “Sweetening a Multi-Unit Deal,” high achieving multi-unit franchise owners were asked, “What is the best decision you’ve made to accelerate new store openings?”

Here’s what the Klauberts had to say:

“You need to have healthy teams operating each of your units to successfully open new units. A healthy team is able to discuss and resolve conflict within the team. You need a strong leader, but not an overbearing leader, a leader that can facilitate discussion, but does not stifle discussion.

“Without a healthy team, customer service will degrade. Customers will pick up on the tension within the business. Team members will hold back on going the extra mile for a customer for fear of their own team members’ possible reaction.

“A healthy team can be an example for your new unit to model. You can cross train leaders from the new unit in the model.

“Our employees typically spend 50 hours a week at work. A healthy team makes for an enjoyable workplace. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and higher productivity and profitability.”

At Christian Brothers, we strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. We want everyone who visits one of our facilities as well as everyone working for us to in our automotive repair franchise to feel valued. Our mission is simple: Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:39).

Founded in Houston in 1982, Christian Brothers is an automotive repair facility that is based on a core philosophy of honesty, integrity, reliability and exceptional customer service. We provide full-service automotive diagnostic testing and evaluation, maintenance programs and repair work for all domestic and foreign vehicles, and we pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, professional and clean automotive service experience every time. We put families first, so all our locations operate during traditional working hours but are closed on weekends so owners
and employees can share quality family time.

Christian Brothers Automotive is one of the nation’s leading automotive service and repair
franchise systems. We began franchising in 1997, and since that time we have maintained a 100% success rate, having never closed a single location. We have more than 100 stores across the United States, with another 35 in development, and we’re continuing to grow.

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