Christian Brothers Franchisee Satisfaction Grows for Six Straight Years

Christian Brothers Franchisee Satisfaction Grows for Six Straight Years

Franchise Business Review surveys show that Christian Brothers franchisees are happy — and getting happier every year

Ret. Army Col. Jud Cook at his Christian Brothers Automotive franchise location near Tampa.

Every year, Christian Brothers Automotive asks a third-party research firm, Franchise Business Review, to survey all of our franchisees. We want to know what they, as a group, like best about being part of Christian Brothers, and where we have the biggest opportunities to improve our franchisee support. Then we work to make changes so our franchisees will enjoy more success and fulfillment.

We first surveyed Christian Brothers franchisees in 2008, and our franchisee satisfaction scores at the time were significantly higher than average for franchise companies, Franchise Business Review reported. Still, surveys will always reveal a few rough spots, and we work hard every year to improve our headquarters operations so we can offer the best possible support.

It’s paid off.

For six consecutive years, our franchisee satisfaction scores have improved. A satisfaction score that started at “above average” is now exceptional. In fact, thanks to our levels of franchisee satisfaction, Franchise Business Review now ranks us as the top franchise opportunity in the automotive sector.Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Owner

The survey also invites franchisees to evaluate individual aspects of the company. In 2008, training and support was rated slightly above average for the franchise industry; now it is rated significantly above average. In 2008, the franchise system itself was rated significantly above average; now it is rated even higher. In 2008, the financial opportunity and general satisfaction received strong appraisal; today they are even stronger. In 2008, Christian Brothers’ leadership was given especially high marks; those marks are even higher today.

We are incredibly proud of these results, especially because franchise satisfaction has grown at the same time that we have been expanding. In 2008, we had fewer than 50 franchisees. Today, we have more than 130 locations. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our franchisee support not only stays strong, but actually improves as we partner with franchisees to expand into new cities nationwide.

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