Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Expands Headquarters

Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise Expands Headquarters

Christian Brothers Automotive franchise continues to add staff to provide outstanding support to franchisees

This architectural rendering shows what the new Christian Brothers Automotive franchise headquarters will look like when it's complete. We plan to move into the building in 2015.

The Christian Brothers Automotive franchise is in the midst of a breakout year for franchise growth. Our auto repair franchise has more than 130 stores nationwide, and about two dozen new franchisees have made plans to open locations this year. To ensure that all franchisees receive great support, we have been expanding our Houston headquarters staff — and are building a new headquarters building that we will move into in 2015. That will set the stage for more growth.

Building a robust franchisee support staff

In 2007, our corporate team consisted of 15 people working to support and shepherd 50 franchisees nationwide. Today, there are 56 team members devoted to serving Christian Brothers franchisees. The ratio of franchisee to headquarters support member has fallen from more than 3-to-1 to just over 2-to-1 — and it has made a difference.

Christian Brothers has not closed a franchise location in our 18-year history, but that’s just one measure of success. We also ask Franchise Business Review — an independent franchise information and research company — to poll franchisees each year to find areas where we can improve the support we offer. The resulting franchisee satisfaction scores have made Christian Brothers the No. 1 recommended automotive franchise by Franchise Business Review.

And those numbers keep improving. Since 2008, when the first Franchise Business Review survey was conducted, the franchisee satisfaction score has increased every single year.

“We are committed to providing our franchisees great support,” says Josh Wall, vice president for franchise development. “Some people who see how fast we have grown might worry that our growth is outpacing our ability to provide great service to our franchisees, but the truth is that we have consistently reinvested in franchise support.”

Business model depends on franchisee success

Christian Brothers Automotive’s revenue structure depends on the success of franchisees. Unlike most franchise systems, which charge a royalty based on revenue generated by a franchisee’s business, we split profits with franchisees. Until the franchisee is profitable and able to pay themselves a fair salary, Christian Brothers takes nothing. That gives us a big financial incentive to provide great support to franchisees and help them become profitable as quickly as possible.

Learn about the Christian Brothers franchise opportunity

To learn more about why franchisees like being part of Christian Brothers, visit our blog where you can read the stories of our franchisees. To learn more, visit our Why Franchise pages or fill out a form to contac/become-a-franchisee/t our team and start a conversation. We look forward to talking with you!