Why Entrepreneur Magazine Says Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise is a Best Bet

Why Entrepreneur Magazine Says Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise is a Best Bet

National publication places Christian Brothers Automotive franchise on the list of top 500 franchises in the country for the fifth year in a row

Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list, which ranks franchises nationwide in terms of performance and opportunity for success, recently listed Christian Brothers Automotive as number 249 for 2015. This year’s list finds us ranked 18 places higher than we were in 2014, and Christian Brothers has been on the list since 2011.

Christian Brothers franchise auto worker

The reason we’re zooming up the national publication’s annual list is simply this: Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owners treat their customers as brothers and sisters, and they act with honesty, integrity and respect. Our franchises are locally owned by Christians who value their reputation in the community and who want to give their customers a safe haven in the auto repair industry. Ever since we started franchising in 1996, not a single Christian Brothers Automotive franchise has closed.

Even though America is a car culture, best evidenced by the fact that Christian Brothers serviced 451,000 cars in 2014, the industry is rife with negative connotations. Nearly everyone has a story about a mechanic with shady business practices charging too much for products the customer didn’t understand that they needed.

Christian Brothers is the “nice difference” in the industry

Our buildings are attractive; our lobby is like an upscale hotel lobby; we offer a complimentary shuttle that allows people to drop their cars off for service, get a ride to work or home, then get a ride back from the shop; we always explain vehicle repairs and will show and explain anything a customer has questions about; we take a customer’s budget and the way they use their vehicle into account when making recommendations for the best way to keep everything safe and well-maintained.

“I try to improve the lives of my customers,” says Jonita White, a Christian Brothers automotive franchise owner in Frisco, Texas. “When somebody brings their car in, they are often having a stressful day — and it’s even harder for women because so many feel like they have been taken advantage of by auto repair places in the past. With me being a people person and loving the Lord, I make sure my staff and technicians are honest and upfront with customers about what their vehicle needs.”

Even our bays at Christian Brothers are immaculately clean. Customers appreciate that and we continue to grow our business.

Our customers know that when they bring their cars in to be serviced by a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise, they are going to get honest work done by the best talent the industry has to offer. Mechanics love working for us because we offer the unusual perk of being closed on the weekends, giving them more time to spend with their families. Our working bays are clean and well-lit, and every mechanic is able to explain to the customer exactly what they are doing and how much it will cost.

Because Christian Brothers is a Christian company, our owners get to live their faith in their business, further displaying the integrity of our work to our customers.

“I like that I’m free to express my faith,” says Jeff Toth, a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner in Katy, Texas. “Both of my businesses have a stack of free Bibles on the counter for anyone who may need one or would like to read one while they’re here. It helps me remember who I represent as a Christian in the way I do business.”

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