Christian Brothers Automotive Recognized as Sought-After Employer

Christian Brothers Automotive Recognized as Sought-After Employer

The auto repair franchise’s reputation and culture helps attract top mechanics — a huge advantage in the auto repair industry

Simply Hired, a popular website that connects employers to potential job candidates has named Christian Brothers Automotive one of the most popular employers in the automotive industry. That’s a big deal, because automotive brands compete for the best mechanics and sales people, and a great reputation makes recruitment much easier.

Auto Repair Technician Explaining Car Parts

Simply Hired rates brands using an Employee Brand Index, which is “a measure based on the frequency with which a user clicks on a company’s job listings in comparison to other companies on” The employers that receive the most interest in terms of clicks “rank at the top of the list.” This year, the index ranked Christian Brothers Automotive as the 20th most popular in the industry, meaning that our company is not only attracting a large number of job applicants, but the best and brightest in the industry.

Auto repair franchise values its employees

“One of the biggest challenges for any company in the auto repair franchise industry is finding and retaining the top talent,” says Josh Wall, vice president of franchise development. “Fortunately for us, we have a reputation as being one of the best places to work in the industry. It’s a big part of our company’s value system to provide a workplace environment that is positive for employees. We also offer incentives to draw and keep the best in the industry.”

Christian Brothers Automotive is a highly rated, faith-based, auto repair franchise with a unique financial model. We assume a majority of the risk by purchasing land and constructing “built-to-suit” buildings, which the franchisee then manages. We do not charge a royalty based on top-line revenues like virtually every other franchisor, but instead split profits, which is calculated after expenses. Franchisees also pay themselves a salary before they pay us a nickel.

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Christian Brothers’ “nice difference” is for all

We also focus on providing a “nice difference” for franchisees, their employees and their customers. For franchisees, our business model and faith-based service model is a nice difference. For our franchisees’ employees, the nice difference comes from the freedom to provide honest and ethical service, and enjoy time with their families. We are closed on weekends, which is a big perk for auto repair workers.

“Our technicians also love that we are a Monday-through-Friday business, and they can be off on the weekends to spend time with family, rejuvenate and go to church,” says Jonita White, a Christian Brothers automotive franchise owner in Frisco, Texas. “We pay better than our competitors, from the research I have done, because we are focused on providing higher quality and service. We offer Nordstrom service, not Walmart service. That extends to our technicians — they don’t have to take their uniforms home at the end of the day and toss them in the wash. We take care of that for them.”

Christian Brothers’ ability to attract top talent allows franchisees to focus on running the business instead of servicing cars. In fact, most of our franchisees do not have an automotive background. The important thing for potential auto repair franchise owners to have is a servant’s heart. Every owner of one of our auto repair franchise locations treats both their employees and their customers with the Golden Rule.

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