Christian Brothers Franchise Review: Highlights from our Franchisee Survey

Christian Brothers Franchise Review: Highlights from our Franchisee Survey

As the Christian Brothers Automotive franchise grows nationwide, franchisees report high levels of satisfaction with the company

Franchise Business Review, an organization that gauges franchisees’ satisfaction with their parent companies, recently released the results of Christian Brothers Automotive’s annual survey, and we are proud to report that the results are outstanding.

Christian Brothers Automotive Store Front

The survey gathered information from a pool of 98 Christian Brothers automotive franchise owners, who expressed high marks for satisfaction across the board for the seventh year in a row. In fact, franchisee satisfaction with Christian Brothers continues to rise, averaging 84.7% in 2014, which is above the results found in the same survey in 2013 (82.8%) and 2012 (82.3%).

What makes these results even more impressive is that Christian Brothers is a growing business; we started 2015 with 135 locations nationwide. Typically, when a company grows, franchisees experience diminishing levels of satisfaction with their parent companies. Christian Brothers is anything but typical — we are the “nice difference” in an industry rife with negative associations.

“We make it possible for good people to start a strong business in an industry that has had a troubled reputation,” says Mark Carr, CEO of Christian Brothers Automotive. “We create a better experience for customers.”

Christian Brothers’ ‘nice difference’

The “nice difference” includes gorgeous, solid brick buildings, lobbies that are reminiscent of an upscale hotel and comfortable furniture for our customers to wait in.. The bathrooms are clean — just the way you’d want it for a guest at your home — and even the repair bays are immaculate.

Christian Brothers Automotive Lobby

Our automotive franchise owners get to live their faith in their business and are confident that from the top down, Christian Brothers conducts business with honesty, integrity and a passion to serve.

“The parent company bases its business on Christian principles, and I like knowing that I have a trusted partner with great ethics,” says Jesse Schemm, a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner in Wichita, Kansas. “They also offer a large amount of franchise support, a solid business model and proven track record of success. It fit my beliefs and my ultimate goal of wanting to start my own business.”

Christian Brothers is a highly rated, faith-based, auto repair franchise with a unique financial model. Christian Brothers assumes a majority of the risk by purchasing and constructing “built-to-suit” buildings, which the franchisee then manages. Christian Brothers does not charge a franchisee based on the top-line revenues like virtually every other franchisor, but instead on a share of the profits, which is calculated after expenses. Franchisees also pay themselves a salary before they pay the franchisor a nickel.

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