Former Pastors Open Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise

Former Pastors Open Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise

How a faith-based automotive franchise inspired former pastors to start a second career

Christian Brothers automotive franchise

The Houston Chronicle has reported that former pastors and missionaries Terry and Diane Barker have opened a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise in the Houston suburb of Pearland, Texas.

The couple relied on the automotive franchise as customers as they traveled around the country doing missionary work in places like Oklahoma and Indiana.

“As we would be going around the country and our old car would break down, Christian Brothers Automotive would fix it for us,” Terry says in the article. “We just loved the company and the service that we got. When we decided to make a change in our lives, it was a no-brainer.”

Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owners live their faith in their business

Christian Brothers uses a biblical approach to guide our business practices, and that is evident in our stores. We keep bibles in our sitting areas and host bible studies at some of our locations.

The Chronicle article highlights the fact that the many Christian Brothers Automotive locations are owned by married couples:

“We typically only award franchises to a married couple so it is going to be a family that is going to have that business,” says Josh Wall, Vice President of Franchise Development for Christian Brothers, in the article. “We don’t believe in partnerships outside of marriage. We’ve never seen that work positively in the business.”

How Biblical principles guide our automotive franchise owners to success

Screenshot 2015-08-03 09.48.01Treating customers and employees with dignity and respect is evident in the services that Christian Brothers offers to our customers. Each store has a courtesy shuttle to help customers get to work — or anywhere else — and back while their cars are being repaired. They can also go to work knowing that they will not have to give up their weekends to have their cars fixed, because Christian Brothers is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

We give our employees a full weekend because we know they will have more time to spend with their families and friends, and because in doing so we are able to attract the most talented mechanics. Having weekends off is a sought-after perk in the auto repair business.

Christian Brothers is a highly rated, faith-based, auto repair franchise with a unique financial model. Christian Brothers assumes a majority of the risk by purchasing and constructing “built-to-suit” buildings, which the franchisee then manages. Christian Brothers does not charge a franchisee based on top-line revenues like virtually every other franchisor, but instead on a share of the profits, which is calculated after expenses. Franchisees also pay themselves a salary before they pay the franchisor a nickel.

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