How One Christian Brothers Franchise Gives Back to the Community

How One Christian Brothers Franchise Gives Back to the Community

Madison, Alabama, franchisees honor local law enforcement with free oil change, other services


At the Madison, Alabama, Christian Brothers Automotive franchise, owners are giving back to area law enforcement officers with a free oil change and other free services.

As part of the Christian Brothers auto repair franchise’s mission to “love your neighbor as yourself,” franchise owners in Madison, Alabama, paid it forward through the month of October.

To thank law enforcement for their service, Madison franchise owner Chris Davis and other local businesses offered free services to area officers as part of the “We Care” campaign. The auto shop is offered free oil changes to officers, along with a certificate for a free car wash from a local detailing shop.

Christian Brothers franchise owner Chris Davis says he and his wife came up with the idea over lunch one day when they saw a group of officers and wanted to find a way to thank them for their service.

“We want a way to come back and say ‘Hey, there are still people out here that care. We support you, and we thank you for what you’re doing,’” Chris says.

“The selfless efforts our franchise owners make to give back emphasize how much we care about the communities and people our franchisees serve,” says Christian Brothers CEO Mark Carr. “By doing so, we’re not only supporting a good cause — our franchise owners also are able to establish new relationships with customers, and they develop a rapport with other area businesses.”

Increasing brand awareness through community events

The word-of-mouth buzz these types of events generate is a great way for Christian Brothers franchise owners to increase brand awareness and customer frequency while giving back to their local community.


Christian Brothers’ franchise owners and employees stand by our mission to “love your neighbor as yourself” by putting the customers we serve first.

“Because at the end of the day, we fix cars,” says Brad Fink, a franchise owner in Katy, Texas. “There are a lot of places out there that do that, but there’s so much more we are trying to bring to the table. This is one of the ways we actually get to show our local community a little bit more of what we’re about. It’s not just belts and brake pads, but it’s people who genuinely care about the people we’re serving.”

A worthy competitor in the growing auto repair industry

Auto repair franchises have proven to be a stable investment over time, and the Christian Brothers franchise is no exception. Christian Brothers has never had a location close and is currently the top-ranked auto repair franchise by Franchise Business Review. Christian Brothers presently has 150 locations in 21 states –– and is still growing.

We are a highly rated, faith-based, automotive franchise with a unique financial model. Christian Brothers assumes a majority of the risk by purchasing and constructing “built-to-suit” buildings, where the franchisee owns and operates the business. Christian Brothers does not charge a franchisee based on the top-line revenues like virtually every other franchisor, but instead on a share of the profits, which is calculated after expenses. Franchisees also pay themselves a salary before they pay the franchisor a nickel.

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