Auto franchise opportunity helps you take charge of your success

Auto franchise opportunity helps you take charge of your success

Christian Brothers franchise owners have autonomy and take initiative, while knowing help is there when they need it

At Christian Brothers, we seek franchisees with initiative and we empower them to build a strong and sustainable business. Having systems and support in place from Christian Brothers gives you more freedom to take charge of the auto franchise opportunity, grow the business and be a leader for your team and your community.

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Our auto franchise opportunity gives you the support you need to get started while empowering you to drive your own success.

Initial support helps you ramp up more quickly

It takes a lot to get a business going, but Christian Brothers has been there before, many times. We want you to be able to focus on putting your talents to better use building a great team and a great business, so we have plenty of support that gets you off the ground.

For example, for every franchise, we provide the training you need to get started in the business. Not only that, we work hard to help you recruit and develop your team of technicians and service advisors so you can translate your natural leadership abilities into successful operations at your location.

Taking initiative in the community

One of the great things about owning a franchise instead of an independent business is the sense that you’re part of something larger than yourself. Our franchise owners are motivated and hardworking, driven to be leaders not just in their businesses, but in the community.

One of our favorite initiatives at Christian Brothers is our company-wide National Service Day, which came about thanks to our franchisees answering the call to be part of something bigger. Steve and Barbara Berry of Austin, TX, answered a call from their community outreach pastor to host a service event to provide free oil changes to single mothers. Each year it grew to include more franchisees, until it became a company-wide initiative that strengthens our business and deepens the bonds between the franchises and their communities.

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Taking initiative as a business and community leader helps you make an impact on something larger than yourself through events like National Service Day and the service you provide every day at your franchise.

Franchise scale in a small-business package

Our franchise owners have big advantages in brand recognition, technical training and vendor relationships, but we’re also committed to making sure the business is truly yours. We have plenty of support materials and assistance for you, but we also encourage franchise owners to take control and drive the success of each location.

Most of our franchise owners work as owner-operators, forging strong, personal connections with their team members and guests who trust and stick with Christian Brothers for years and even generations. With a Christian Brothers franchise, your success is truly your own.

Own a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise

Founded in Houston in 1982 and franchising since 1996, our automotive repair franchises are based on a core philosophy of honesty, integrity, reliability and exceptional service. We provide full-service automotive repair for all domestic and foreign vehicles, and we pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, professional and clean automotive service experience every time.

If you’re eager to learn more about our auto franchise opportunity, contact us today. We’d love to start a conversation with you.