Christian Brothers Automotive supports your success

Christian Brothers Automotive supports your success

Our experts help you start an auto repair business with strong training, marketing and recruiting support

Most of our franchise owners start an auto repair business with no automotive experience, and we welcome that. What they do come in with is business savvy, strong values and a hard work ethic. When it comes to learning the industry, that’s where we come in. Our support team is there for you, from training to ongoing operations support to helping you hire talented employees. Read on for more on how our excellent corporate team works to help make you more successful with your Christian Brothers franchise.

Christian Brothers Automotive Corporate Headquarters

The team at our home office is ready, willing and able to help our franchise owners with any support and assistance they need.

Having the best people in place

In order to help you learn how to start an auto repair business, we have our own talented and specialized team at Christian Brothers Automotive. The experts in the corporate roles can help you with anything you might need, from accounting questions to marketing support.

“Christian Brothers helps a lot. If you lack marketing knowledge, the marketing department offers great assistance. If you need help managing the store’s finances, there are people to help you,” says Houston-area Franchise Owner Jeff Toth. “There are people at every turn within the organization to help you with any questions. Christian Brothers does a great job of bringing people who want to help one another into the organization.”

Recruiting the best people for your location

Of course, even with all the help and support we can provide from the home office, you still need the right people in place in the shop. We help you with that, too.

“The home office helped us identify the frontline guys who know what they’re doing in the shop. We are just leading a team. We don’t have to be in the weeds,” says Castle Rock, CO, Franchise Owner Andrea Peterson. “We are bringing along the people who can do that, and we do the management side that we have been doing throughout our careers.”

Christian Brothers Automotive Store Front

We’re always here to help, but the hardworking, dedicated and talented teams at each location are the ones who truly make each Christian Brothers franchise a success.

Marketing to bring people to you, over and over

Our marketing department is there to help with any design and strategy support you might need when getting your name out into the community, and since we know every place is different, we can help you customize your strategy and materials to best fit your location’s needs.

“Before we opened, we had a glossy brochure printed about us and the shop. The home office worked on the design with us, and it included our personal story and picture. We also got our website up and started engaging in social media to make connections,” says Peterson. “We drove the Courtesy Shuttle everywhere and started to get recognition. It’s kind of a mobile billboard. We courted the hometown newspaper for a feature story about us that turned out to be very, very beneficial.”

Our brand name also comes into play in a big way in helping you market your location, but it’s much more than just how many people have heard of us. A brand name also carries a reputation, and our outstanding reputation among our guests has grown as we’ve partnered with hard-working franchise owners to accelerate our growth across the country.

Own a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise

Founded in Houston in 1982 and franchising since 1996, our Christian business opportunities are based on a core philosophy of honesty, integrity, reliability and exceptional service. We provide full-service automotive repair for all domestic and foreign vehicles, and we pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, professional and clean automotive service experience every time.

If you’re eager to start an auto repair business with Christian Brothers, contact us today to learn more. We’d love to start a conversation with you.