Faith-based franchise owners improve lives in their communities

Faith-based franchise owners improve lives in their communities

Christian Brothers franchise owners use their talents to build their business, make roads safer and make lives better

The faith-based franchise owners of Christian Brothers Automotive have tremendous good in their hearts, and the talents and business expertise to help people every day. Read on to find out how they accomplish that through special events like our National Service Day and through their everyday business routines.

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Our franchise owners feel called to use their skills to make lives better through the business they operate.

Above and beyond to help the community

There are countless examples of the ways Christian Brothers franchise owners go above and beyond to improve lives in the community. Just recently, owners across the country participated in our National Service Day, during which franchise owners partner with local churches and charities to find families in need and provide free oil changes.

They also take this opportunity to inspect the vehicles and provide other necessary services,

such as replacing unsafe tires, free of charge. One franchise in Colorado even repaired a transmission that had been ruined by a fraudulent mechanic.

The National Service Day was started by Cedar Park, TX, franchise owners Steve and Barbara Berry and went on to become a company-wide event. It showcases the incredible initiative and altruism that Christian Brothers empowers franchise owners to display.

Helping people and the community every day

These outreach efforts are an extension of the services our franchises provide every day. Everything franchisees and their teams do in the service bay helps their guests’ vehicles run better and more safely. That’s an important job that takes trustworthy and committed professionals, the kind who run each Christian Brothers faith-based franchise.

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National Service Day isn’t the only time we serve the community. Every service provided in our locations helps improve our guests’ lives by making sure their vehicles are safe and reliable.

Just as our franchise owners see the rewards from going above and beyond in their community service, they see the same kinds of rewards from providing excellent in-store service. The trust and reputation the Christian Brothers name has earned helps ensure a steady stream of guests and has fueled our nationwide growth.

Franchisees driven by a mission to do good and do it well

Our franchise owners are able to find such success because they’re good-hearted people driven and motivated by a mission larger than themselves. They put their talent and hard work to use by building a business that improves the community through both the services they provide every day, and the ways they go above and beyond.

That’s what makes Christian Brothers such a terrific faith-based franchise opportunity. It takes talent and dedication from our franchise owners, but at the end of the day, those owners know they’ve made an important difference in the lives of their guests, their teams and their communities.

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