Auto repair businesses: A look at what's driving long-term stability

Auto repair businesses: A look at what's driving long-term stability

Auto repair businesses that offer great customer service, like Christian Brothers Automotive, are poised to win in a growing, stable industry

The auto repair industry is massive. IBISWorld pegs the industry’s annual U.S. sales at $58 billion a year and growing. More cars are on the road than ever before, according to the market research firm IHS Automotive, which also says the average age of passenger vehicles in the U.S. is a record-setting 11.5 years old.

In the chart below, we outline several interesting facts about the auto repair industry in 2016. We believe that the growing number of cars and trucks on the road, combined with the rising average age of vehicles, presents an excellent ongoing opportunity for auto repair businesses in general.

Busy Freeway

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Happy customers, growing business

We believe the industry’s overall customer satisfaction has enormous room for improvement. The ability to consistently deliver excellent customer experience positions businesses for long-term growth in this competitive industry. That has certainly been the experience Christian Brothers has had in our 20 years of franchising.

Christian Brothers sets itself apart from competitors by offering a “Nice Difference,” both in terms of how we take care of cars and how we care for customers. Our technicians provide state-of-the-art diagnostic tools as well as continual training to improve their skills. Our franchisees and service managers provide clear explanations to customers about recommended maintenance and repairs, with an emphasis on transparency and integrity.

Christian Brothers also works hard to eliminate many of the factors people dislike about bringing their car in for repair. We make the experience as easy as possible by providing nice waiting rooms, clean and polished repair bays, and a courtesy shuttle that allows customers to drop their vehicle off with us and get a ride to work. When their car is ready, we’ll pick them up — minimizing the disruption of car maintenance and repair in their daily life.

The first Christian Brothers opened in 1982 and we have been franchising since 1996. We have enjoyed steady, consistent growth for two decades. We now have more than 150 facilities in 24 states. We have never closed a location, nor has a Christian Brothers franchisee ever defaulted on an SBA loan.

Own a Christian Brothers auto repair franchise

To learn more about the industry and how Christian Brothers is different to our competitors, and what a “Nice Difference” means for franchisees, fill out a form to contact us. We’ll follow up to answer any questions you may have about Christian Brothers. We hope to speak with you soon!