Christian Brothers Looking to Drive Growth in Lockport, Illinois

The automotive franchise is shopping for a franchisee match in the greater Chicago area as it continues strategic expansion into new markets

For more than 22 years, Christian Brothers Automotive has made a name in the automotive and franchising industries by serving its customers according to its driving motto: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The automotive franchise has built a stellar reputation by providing a variety of professional auto-care services, including upkeep, maintenance and repair.

As part of its strategic expansion to new markets, Christian Brothers is looking for a passionate entrepreneur who can put his or her growth into high gear in the greater Chicago area. The automotive franchise has invested in expanding into the region by building up a location in Lockport, Illinois and is looking for a franchisee who can accelerate business.

In an article in Lockport Legend, Josh Wall, Chief Development Officer at Christian Brothers, said the move was a departure for the automotive franchise as franchisees are usually in place first before a location and market is identified. But Christian Brothers is confident that its brand of customer-comes-first service and a high level of professional integrity is one that area patrons will appreciate.

“It’s terribly important that as we expand, we don’t lose sight of our core values,” Wall said, inviting interested prospects to familiarize themselves with the automotive franchise and sign up to learn more. Given that Lockport residents will appreciate the professional integrity and top-of-the-line services that Christian Brothers provides, the Lockport location will be a great opportunity for an entrepreneur ready to launch his or her business.

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