Christian Brothers Automotive Launches New Switch Gears Campaign

Entrepreneurs looking for a new career that delivers work-life balance and is built on ethical values are invited to test drive the automotive franchise

Christian Brothers Automotive understands that the 9 to 5 can get tiring and that passionate entrepreneurs are looking for a way of leveraging their experience into a new career that also accommodates work-life balance.

Now, the national automotive franchise is launching a special Switch Gears campaign, which highlights franchisees and their stories, such as Texas franchisees Amy Stehr and Scooter Owens, and shows just how rewarding partnering with Christian Brothers Automotive can be.

“I have always been entrepreneurial,” says Owens. “Christian Brothers is 100 percent invested in improving and supporting our business. Everything they do is in our best interest.”

Owning an automotive franchise like Christian Brothers is an ideal way of switching gears and becoming your own boss. First, there is the exceptionally strong demand. According to IHS Automotive, there are more than 250 million cars on the road in America and consumers are holding on to their cars for longer than ever. 

In addition to the market demand, there is the service that Christian Brothers Automotive provides, which makes them a standout at 189 locations nationwide. Known as the Nice Difference, the care that franchisees devote to understanding service needs and making sure that car service is as painless as possible has made Christian Brothers Automotive a darling in local communities. 

“There is a ton of support and a ton of knowledge with Christian Brothers,” says Stehr. “The doors are open to any person within the home office – you can truly reach out to anyone.”

Franchisees with Christian Brothers deliver exceptional service during weekdays, making it easier for customers to drop off vehicles during the week. As a result, franchisees have weekends off and enjoy flexible schedules. Switching gears in terms of business approach and career has already yielded rich dividends for many franchisees.

As Christian Brothers Automotive follows its strategic expansion path, complemented by its Nice Difference customer service, the sky’s the limit for entrepreneurs who are looking to switch gears and find a new, rewarding career.

Find out how you can switch gears to a more rewarding business. Please visit for more information about the Christian Brothers Automotive franchise opportunity.