Get Ready to Join the Winning Team with Christian Brothers!

Get Ready to Join the Winning Team with Christian Brothers!

It’s kickoff time for 2019. Christian Brothers Automotive may not be the Rams or the Patriots, but we are the winning team in the auto-repair industry!

The demand for auto services has increased over the past few years due to car owners keeping their cars longer and driving them further than any generation of drivers in the past.

However, many auto repair services and franchises have customers wait around in unkempt waiting areas and deal with high pressure "upsells” or wonder whether or not they've been overcharged or ripped off – a major flag on the play!

For more than three decades, Christian Brothers has been changing the way customers experience auto care with our Nice difference ® approach. We have never closed a single location due to poor business, and we continue to build upon one of the best reputations in the auto service industry.

Touchdown! With the oldest fleet of cars on the road the United States has ever had, Christian Brothers will continue to seek and support first-string franchise owners who will apply biblical principles and values to an industry that everyone needs.

Learn how you can become part of the winning team and share Christian Brothers’ success.