A Testament to Our Model: New Owners Successfully Launch Location Amid Pandemic

A Testament to Our Model: New Owners Successfully Launch Location Amid Pandemic

Opening a business can be challenging at any time, let alone during a pandemic. However, when you franchise with Christian Brothers Automotive, you’re supported at every step of the way – during uncertain times and beyond.

Christian Brothers franchisees Kyle and Jena Cordell can speak to this directly, as they recently opened their automotive franchise in Montgomery, Texas with the goal to be a trusted source for vehicle care, and provide service centered on respect, transparency and integrity.

“When God put Christian Brothers in our hearts, we were ready for anything that was going to be thrown our way – but I will openly admit that a global pandemic did not crack the list of struggles we thought we would face,” says Kyle. “However, through it all, God has been faithful. The community and our Christian Brothers Automotive Home Office have truly rallied around us and supported our opening.”

As automotive services remain an essential business, we are in a unique position. We have been able to service our guests’ vehicles in communities throughout the country, and the growth of our franchise has not slowed down. While franchisees have had to make adjustments to meet the ever-changing needs of our world today, the training and support programs that were already in place set them up for a successful transition – and in Kyle and Jena Cordell’s case, a strong launch.

“Our Christian Brothers Automotive Home Office has been on deck, ready to step in whenever we have needed them to. Whether that be providing operations support, walking us through processes or constant prayer, they have been there,” Kyle added.

Joining more than 215 Christian Brothers Automotive locations across the nation, the Montgomery shop follows the guiding principle: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Christian Brothers has and will remain a growing and steadfast brand throughout, and if you can envision yourself as Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee, we’d love to talk with you.

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