Fueling Your Franchise: CBAC Records Historic Systemwide Revenue in First Half of 2021

Fueling Your Franchise: CBAC Records Historic Systemwide Revenue in First Half of 2021

As consumers try and hang on to their aging cars, the need for automotive repair shops like Christian Brothers Automotive has never been greater. In fact, the average age for a vehicle in the United States has hit a record 12.1 years, according to data provider IHS Markit, setting up strong demand for automotive maintenance and repairs.

What does that mean for our franchisees? As owners keep their vehicles longer, the opportunity to capitalize on car care will only increase. At Christian Brothers Automotive, our franchisees are seizing this opportunity, driving up sales at a record speed, breaking weekly systemwide revenue records six times since the start of 2021.

On top of it all, we’ve signed 17 new franchise agreements to help bring the CBAC family to new markets with another two dozen additional franchise agreements projected by the end of the year.

Our proven playbook and commitment to showcasing patience, compassion and generosity for our customers has earned us a reputable name in the auto service industry. This simple and honest approach drives repeat business and customer referrals that keep our franchisees busy. It confirms our Nice Difference approach is making a positive impact on our customer service, which consistently drives customer satisfaction.  

“We have a franchise business model that resonates with our franchisees, the teams at their locations and the customers they serve. It is built on trust, our values and best-in-class customer experiences,” said Brad Fink, VP of Franchise Development for Christian Brothers Automotive and a former franchisee of a Christian Brothers Automotive location. “I take a lot of pride being part of building a franchise system that leverages these attributes only to get stronger and stronger. Looking ahead to the second half of the year, I know we’ll continue this trend.”  

Beyond the strong growth already achieved, we’ve continued to elevate our brand presence nationwide through creative marketing campaigns, including a “Clunker Contest” celebrating those that cherish their trusty rusty and a “Keep on Rollin’ campaign,” which underscores the pure joy Americans experience while driving, specifically through music.

“As we talk to franchise candidates, what blows them away is how much of a family our franchise system has become,” said Missy Wright, Director of Franchise Development for Christian Brothers Automotive. “We look forward to growing our family with phenomenal franchisees who are leaders in their communities.”

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