5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Candidates

5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Franchise Candidates

In the United States, one out of every seven franchises is owned by a veteran, according to the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Veterans make for exceptionally strong franchise candidates. There are several overlapping skills from the military that are needed for business ownership, which includes a combination of hard work, dedication, leadership and the ability to follow systems and procedures. Together, these create the perfect equation for success.

Strong Leadership Skills

Veterans are experienced in operating in an extremely structured and team-oriented environment. They know how to give orders and delegate. Under pressure, they know how to lead and stay organized.

Adopt and Follow Systems

Good franchisors lay out the steps for success in advance, similar to developing a strong military strategy. The most successful franchisees follow the systems and processes put in place by the franchisor and utilize all of the resources and support available to them.

Dedicated and Motivated

Any business owner will tell you that running a business is never easy, no matter what type of product or service you sell. A commitment to the brand and the drive for success can make a huge difference in the overall prosperity of the franchise business. Veterans will find that hard work and commitment come naturally to them as part of the job description.

Driven By Team Work

The success of a business depends on its team working together, where one person's success equates to the success of the team. Like any military member, franchise owners need to embrace teamwork, relying on both team members from the franchise location and the Home Office leadership team.

Completing The Mission

The mission of any franchise owner is to be successful. In the military, you are driven by the motivation to complete your mission. This dedication carries over well into the franchise world, as veterans are responsible for creating their own individual success.

Honoring Our Veterans with Proven Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities

We have built a reputation as a top franchise for veterans, which was recently solidified with our acknowledgment on Entrepreneur magazine’s 2021 Top Franchises For Veterans list, an exclusive ranking of the top 150 franchises offering incentives and other programs to support veterans in becoming owners of their own businesses.

While our incredible track record, and the fact that we've never defaulted on an SBA loan, contributed to this rating, Christian Brothers Automotive is committed to putting our franchisees on the path towards long-term success.

Are you a veteran interested in learning more about opening a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise? If so, we encourage you to learn more about what it takes to become a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee.