What Makes a Successful CBA Franchise Owner?

What Makes a Successful CBA Franchise Owner?

While there’s no winning formula for business success, there does seem to be an overlap in the character traits that most successful business owners share.

Do you have what it takes to be a Christian Brothers Automotive franchise owner? We’re breaking down the top four qualities you need to find success with us:

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

First and foremost, you need to have passion for what you do to succeed. Nearly all our franchise owners possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the compassion for serving others in the community. Franchisee Aaron Tharp maintains an ambitious mindset for business, owning and operating four locations, the most of anyone in the Christian Brothers Automotive system.

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit know they can learn anything, like Keith Guyton, who went from working as a service advisor to then rising through the ranks to become manager. Now, Keith is a multi-unit franchise owner, operating shops in the communities of Round Rock and Georgetown. His passion and persistence are exemplified by the impact he made on the Georgetown location, taking the shop from under $1 million in annual revenue to $1.7 million in just three years.

Quality Guest Service

At Christian Brothers Automotive, our franchise owners are guided by our mission, to love your neighbor, and are committed to providing excellent service with the Nice Difference®.

Hear directly from Alpharetta-Milton franchise owner, Mike Cotter, who spoke with VoyageATL, on how being personable and providing top-tier guest service has led to his success.

“For me, the single most important decision that I made was picking a business that enables me to really connect with my customers. Over the last year, I (personally) have given over 600 rides to customers in our company-owned shuttle vehicle. During our time together in the car, we talk about life, our kids, sports, our families – all sorts of things. We actually connect and form a relationship, something that’s often missing in today’s business world.”

Our franchisees desire to serve their guests; not only by fixing their cars, but forming relationships that allow them to help solve whatever problems they face.

Patience and Generosity

As many brands and entrepreneurs have discovered, giving back to your local community is incredibly rewarding.

Last year, our franchise system, made up of over 250 locations across the country, hosted its 11th annual National Service Day, a coordinated community giveback initiative to provide complimentary oil changes and free services to individuals in need. In this article by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, one franchisee, Tom Burgess, replaced two of a single mother’s dry-rotted tires for free.

Our franchisees go out of their way to make a difference in the lives of their families, friends and neighbors. Having patience as a virtue and showing generosity towards employees, guests and members of the community sets up our owners’ reputation to thrive.

Honesty and Reliability

Having honesty and integrity in the workplace is one of the most important qualities of great leadership. Leaders with integrity may not be the most famous or flashy, but that isn’t what’s important to them. Integrity means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. And that’s what makes our franchisees successful.

Our Peoria, Arizona shop was recently awarded the “2021 Best Auto Repair” title by the Peoria Times for the third year in a row. Owner Cal Pascanu has participated in many community-wide givebacks, all of which contributed to their nomination.

“In order to make our guests happy, we know that it’s crucial to make our team happy, and that has been my goal since we opened in 2018,” said Pascanu. “We treat our employees and our guests like family, and it’s great to see their support come full circle.”

We are incredibly proud of the network of franchisees we’ve built and are continuing to grow with like-minded entrepreneurs in markets nationwide. Read more about what it takes to become a Christian Brothers Automotive franchisee on our website.