Instilling Faith & Principles in an Industry Few Trust

Franchise In South Carolina

Instilling Faith & Principles in an Industry Few Trust
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We are Growing in South Carolina

Find one of the newest additions to the Christian Brothers family in South Carolina.

With the fifth highest rate of net migration in the past five years, South Carolina has seen massive population numbers thanks to state incentives (Source: Forbes). Larger populations means more cars on the road than ever before, and those cars will need servicing at Christian Brothers Automotive repair franchise South Carolina.

South Carolina home to the only commercial tea plantation in the contiguous 48 states and more than 350 golf courses (Source: History). Nearly 65% of commuters drive their own car alone, with only about 2% taking mass transit (Source: Best Places). As cars are the main way to get around, there’s never been a better time to consider an automotive service franchise in South Carolina.

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Facts And Figures

Building a Christian Franchise in the Auto Service Industry

The Automotive Repair Industry

It’s estimated that there will be more than 76 mn vehicles over 16 years old on the road in 2021 in the U.S. (Source: Linchpin SEO). As the global automotive repair and maintenance market edges $700 bn, more and more of these cars will require some type of care with a car repair franchisee in South Carolina (Source: PR Newswire).

What’s driving Americans to hold onto their cars longer? For starters, there’s a reduced demand for replacement auto parts. Cars are becoming more and more complicated, and not very many people handle their own repairs any more. Christian Brothers Automotive franchise is there to help everyday drivers get back up and running as quickly as possible. Our technology can find the solution to your problem quickly, so you can get back on the road faster.

The Christian Brothers Automotive repair franchises stays on top of industry trend by providing repair technicians with the training and support they need to stay up-to-date. There will always be cars, and it’s a great time to take advantage of this recession-resistant opportunity.

Registered Franchisor

Our Franchise Opportunity

We make it easy for anyone to become a franchisee with Christian Brothers Automotive. In fact, we prefer it as we are outsiders ourselves. Our car repair franchisee training and support is second to none, and sets our owners up for success within the industry.

Our auto repair franchise owners in South Carolina need to share our core values. Ideal franchise owners have made faith a central part of their lives, have strong leadership experience, and believe in giving back to their community.
The training and support we provide to our franchisees focuses on customer communication, and provides everything needed for our owners to become auto repair franchise champions. We can also help with hiring, recruiting, and ongoing support.
Biblical Principles

Our Core Values + Culture 

At Christian Brothers Automotive, it’s far more important for franchisee candidates to align with our values over possessing industry experience.

Some values we look for prospective owners to embody include:

  • Embrace and encourage diverse perspectives.
  • Take personal responsibility instead of placing blame elsewhere.
  • Commit to a spirit of giving and helping others.
  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
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  • Never say anything about anyone we would not say to the individual directly.
  • Communicate honestly with purpose and humility.
  • Commit to inclusive communication, especially with those impacted by the resulting action.
  • Resolve differences timely and respectfully.
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  • Act with integrity, making only agreements we are willing, able, and intend to keep.
  • When faced with a challenge, find a solution, and resolve it, or bring it to someone who can.
  • Be what we expect of others.
  • Commit to serving others and building servant leaders.
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  • Seek to glorify God in all we say and do, acknowledging that our success is a gift from God.
  • Have fun in the process.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt; expect they have good intentions.
  • Always look for an opportunity to grow and learn.
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Hiring Recruitment
Hiring Recruitment

The Christian Brothers Nice Difference

Our automotive service franchise stands out in the industry. Where many customers of other automotive repair shops can feel unsure, we help our customers find trust with our employees, thanks to our focus on customer communication. We do business differently, in the best way possible.

We extend The Nice Difference to our franchisee’s employees as well. This can be done through making it easier for customers to drop off their cars during the week, allowing automotive repair franchisees to be closed on the weekends to enjoy time with family and their pursuits beyond work. The Nice Difference sees employees that work harder and more courteously.

We’re all about outstanding and trustworthy service: for our customers, employees, and franchisees. Get in touch with us to find out if an auto repair franchise in South Carolina is right for you.

If you are interested in learning more about our Christian Brothers Automotive franchise in South Carolina.

We’re happy to help you find out if an auto repair franchise is right for you.

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Disclaimer: Information made available through this website regarding the Christian Brothers Automotive franchise opportunity is for general information only and is not intended to be a franchise offer. Offers are made only after delivery of an effective Franchise Disclosure Document in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. None of the communications made through this website should be construed as an offer to sell Christian Brothers Automotive franchises in, nor is any such communication directed to the residents of, any jurisdiction requiring registration of a franchise before it is offered and sold in that jurisdiction. No Christian Brothers Automotive franchises will be sold to any resident of such jurisdiction until the offering has been exempted from the requirements of, or duly registered in and declared effective by, such jurisdiction and the required Franchise Disclosure Document has been delivered to the prospective franchisee before the sale in compliance with applicable law.

Format Disclosure: Assuming you qualify as a prospective franchisee of Christian Brothers Automotive, we may provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document in hard copy or electronic format. If the Franchise Disclosure Document is furnished electronically, it will be provided in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. You must use the Adobe Acrobat program in order to open and view this type of electronic file.

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