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3 Qualities We Look For In A Christian Brothers Franchise Candidate

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February 6, 2015
3 Qualities We Look For In A Christian Brothers Franchise Candidate


Is owning a Christian Brothers franchise your calling?

Not everybody makes a good franchisee in the automotive world, even though mechanical experience is not required. In order to make sure that everyone’s happy, it’s important that Christian Brothers recruit people who are a good fit. Knowing that, here are three things we look for:

1. Extroverts

Extroverts are people who think out loud. What we like about extroverts is their natural tendency to interact with people. We want our franchisees to be the face of our brand in their respective communities.

Our franchisees are not in the garage working on cars; they hire great mechanics to do that. Our extroverted playmakers are talking to customers, inquiring about vehicle issues and working to ease the inconvenience that comes with repairs and maintenance.

We also need extroverts who can lead their teams to become the most successful automotive businesses in their communities. That’s why we emphasize the importance of good management skills. It’s also helpful to have sales or retail service experience. We want everyone to be successful and to know how to impress customers with information that helps them make informed decisions about their cars.

“I think a person who enjoys interactions with customers and employees, who likes a challenge and who likes to be their own boss is a good fit for Christian Brothers,” says Ed Pate, our franchisee in Memphis, Tennessee. “It’s a successful franchise model that helps you succeed and be profitable.”

2. Internal drive to succeed

We offer guidance and coaching, but it is also important for our franchisees to realize that their location is their business. Christian Brothers provides a lot of tools, but the drive and determination to use those tools in order to grow the business comes from the franchisee. Being able to adapt also is key. Our franchisees must be prepared to learn new things and new ways of doing things as we improve our systems so we can all grow together.

Franchisees should be calm and confident, and capable of dealing professionally with the customers who come in not having the best of days. As someone who takes an initiative, a franchisee sets the tone for the shop. Customers should feel better after bringing in their car, and, franchisees should lead their employees to want to serve God, their customers and their fellow technicians with care.

Steve and Andrea Peterson are a fine example of franchisees taking an initiative. The couple moved to Castle Rock, Colorado, one year before opening a Christian Brothers franchise there. During that time they joined the local chamber of commerce, got involved in a church, printed brochures about the future business, marketed on the internet and in social media, persuaded the newspaper to write a feature story, worked with the Public Works Commission and cultivated relationships with elected officials.

“I have spent my whole career doing startup, venture capital and private equity-backed companies,” Steve says. “I was building something, but it was never mine. Here, you are growing something, and it is yours. There’s a pride of ownership. There is also a very positive perception of the brand. It is something you can be proud of.”

3. Passion for helping others

“The Christian Brothers Automotive mission statement is to glorify God by providing ethical and excellent automotive repair service to our customers,” franchisee Jade Stanford of Concord, North Carolina, says. “In my job, that’s what I want to do. Those things have to intersect. It’s not God over there and job over here. God is in everything. I appreciate being able to go into business where that is embraced, and that is the standard.”

Christian service is often exemplified in our complimentary shuttle service. Not only do we give our customers a ride when their car is in the shop, but we talk with them and get to know them. Customers will often open up with details about their lives, and we’ll pray with them.

Honesty, integrity and ethical service are part of who we are.

“We develop trust by offering ethical service,” says Brad Fink, a franchisee with two Houston locations. “I have a lot of employees who have been in business for years and worked for other companies, and I know that the honesty and integrity that we offer in terms of the services we offer and the repairs we recommend are very different. We only sell them services they need. At the same time, we have highly trained, experienced technicians who can spot problems that might be missed elsewhere. We don’t want a customer to come in for a repair only to have another problem crop up a week later. We want to keep their car running.”

Our staff is friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in our customers’ needs. Each customer is immediately greeted at the Christian Brothers franchise and offered something to drink. We ask if we can perform a brief inspection to spot any other mechanical issues they may want to address. We explain any recommended repairs and invite them into the shop where they can see exactly why certain services are recommended. Our goal is to partner with customers to keep their vehicles safe and well-maintained.

We’re also a business that respects faith and family. Christian Brothers franchisees are free to express their faith with their customers. It’s not something that we thrust upon customers, but it’s not something we hide, either. After all, “Christian” is part of our name, and free Bibles are in the lobbies.

Our customers often come to us in the middle of a difficult day, and as they begin to trust us and open up to us, we make opportunities to pray, minister and offer fellowship. Christian Brothers also developed its Monday-through-Friday business model so that franchise owners and their employees can enjoy time with their families and at worship on the weekend.

A Christian Brothers franchise includes a gorgeous, solid brick building, a lobby that is reminiscent of an upscale hotel and comfortable furniture. The bathroom is clean — just the way you’d want it for a guest at your home — and even the repair bays are immaculate.


For in-depth details about the Christian Brothers Automotive franchise opportunity, contact our team for additional information.

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