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5 Reasons To Join The Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise

Christian Brothers
February 20, 2015
5 Reasons To Join The Christian Brothers Automotive Franchise


Christian Brothers automotive franchise

Christian Brothers franchise owners know that when they when they unlock the doors to their businesses in the morning, they are entering a place that reflects their values. On a daily basis, and from day one, franchise owners are reminded that their faith is a key element in their success.

After a careful selection process to ensure that potential franchise owners and CEO Mark Carr are on the same page, Christian Brothers makes a large upfront investment to help get new locations started. This investment includes paying for the attractive red brick buildings that have welcomed our customers since 1982. The values of Christian Brothers also are reflected in their revenue policy: franchise owners make a living wage before they start sending the franchisor any money.

No. 1: Track record of success

Christian Brothers automotive franchise

Christian Brothers began with a “God moment” in 1982, when Mark moved to the Houston area from upstate New York. One day in church, he was asked if he would be interested in starting an automotive repair shop. Mark, who was feeling listless in his day job at a trade show display and architectural millwork business, prayed on the decision and decided to give it a shot. After opening the business to franchisees in 1996, Carr hasn’t looked back. There are now more than 135 locations throughout the United States, and in the entire history of the company, a Christian Brothers location has never been closed.

Franchise Business Review has named Christian Brothers its top-rated automotive franchise for four years in a row, and it continues to climb the rankings in Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 listing of franchise opportunities. Christian Brothers is growing, and the business world is taking notice.

“We are delighted that our franchisees have responded very well to our support and operations leadership,” Mark said. “We will continue to help our franchisees and look forward to even better our relationships in the future. As our franchisees’ satisfaction grows, so does our business.”

No. 2: A light in a troubled industry

In our “car culture,” stories of shady mechanics are as common as cars. It’s important for people on the go to have faith in their mechanics, and Christian Brothers treats customers and employees alike according to the Golden Rule.

Treating customers and employees with dignity and respect is evident in the services that Christian Brothers offers to its customers. Each store has a courtesy shuttle to help customers get to work — or anywhere else — and back while their cars are being repaired. They can also go to work knowing that they will not have to give up their weekends to having their cars fixed, because Christian Brothers is closed on Saturdays.

We close on Saturdays not only to give our employees a full weekend but because in doing so, we are able to attract the most talented mechanics, who enjoy knowing they’ll be able to spend the weekend with their families and friends.

“We have the opportunity, every single day, to make life a little better,” CEO Mark Carr says. “That extends to our employees as well as our customers.”

No. 3: Auto repair is always in demand

As long as people drive, people will need mechanics. People use cars to get to work in America more than any other method, and those 240 million cars will all need mechanics at some point. Christian Brothers’ upward growth cycle over the past several years is proof that our “car culture” is alive and well.

In 2013, Christian Brothers opened 16 new locations; in 2014, we opened 12 more. The result of this growth is reflected in our sales numbers — they are climbing, too. In the first quarter of 2014, average same-store sales were 16.3% than sales were a year earlier.

“The way we build locations and the systems we use are designed to reduce risk and boost performance for our franchise partners,” says Josh Wall, vice president of franchise development. “We are also careful to partner with people who have strong business sense and who share our values.”

No. 4: A chance to live your faith in your business

Christian Brothers uses a biblical approach to guide our business practices. All of our locations are owned and operated by Christians, and our faith is evident in our stores. We keep bibles in our sitting areas and host bible studies at our locations.

We want our franchise owners to be models for their communities, as well as safe havens in an industry rife with suspicion.

Doug Beachy, a Christian Brothers franchise owner in Cincinnati, Ohio, explains just how much following his faith improves the experience of owning an automotive store.

“It was all the difference for me,” he says. “I looked at a couple of other brands in the automotive industry, and I just wasn’t satisfied with what I saw. I talked to other owners, and I also secret-shopped them and did my research. The difference was the faith-based approach, the integrity. When there isn’t integrity in the business, it shows fairly quickly.”

No. 5: A great family business

Many couples across the United States find that owning and operating a Christian Brothers location is something they can do together. Our inviting buildings and top-flight talent ensure that owning a Christian Brothers location will be a pleasant experience that can enrich a family’s life.

Jade Stanford, who runs a Christian Brothers location in Concord, North Carolina, explains how his day job allows to fully appreciate that which is most important to him: his family.

“I really liked that they had a five-day work schedule,” Jade says. “I have six kids. Business is important, but it’s not the most important. In my life, it’s God, family, then business — and Christian Brothers Automotive allows me to do that.

“They also have a solid business model, and they truly support franchise owners. The tools that they provide to run your business are exemplary. The training is thorough and comprehensive. They give you every opportunity to be successful, and they have a track record to prove that what they provide delivers.”


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Christian Brothers Automotive

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