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Building a Legacy Through CBA Franchising

Bridget Killian
August 22, 2023
Building a Legacy Through CBA Franchising

We’re a brand built on a foundation of family. And we understand the importance of growing your business in partnership with your loved ones.

The stories of franchisees Sterling Woody and Scott Stidd stand as shining examples of how CBA franchising can be a conduit for building legacies that transcend mere business success, but have a generational impact, too. Scott, Sterling and their respective families encapsulate the transformative power of faith, family, and community.

Learn more about their journeys to CBA franchising below and how, if selected to the program, our Future Franchise Leadership Academy (FFLA) encourages our owners’ family members to develop their skillsets so they can one day become owners themselves.

Weaving Faith and Business Together

Introduced to CBA through an acquaintance, Scott Stidd's journey to the brand found him as a guest of his local CBA shop. The shop’s exceptional service left a lasting impression, prompting Scott to reach out about our franchise opportunity. While Scott and his wife Kelley knew they wanted to own a Christian-based franchise, what they were looking for was a franchisor that truly wanted to help them succeed and grow. Opting for CBA's unique franchise structure, with robust franchisee support and royalties based on net revenue, Scott and his wife Kelley opened their Weatherford, Texas location in 2009 before purchasing their Rufe Snow, Texas shop just five years later. Their commitment to a values-based business approach set the stage for a legacy built on both professional success and spiritual principles.

Sterling’s introduction to CBA began in 2008, when he and his wife Leigh were at a crossroads during the recession. When his friend mentioned CBA and that he was building a store in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Sterling decided to visit and see the business for himself. After discussions with the Home Office, Sterling and Leigh decided to commit to CBA in 2010 with the hopes of finding real estate in Texas. With no available opportunities in the Lonestar State, their plan became to settle the business in Phoenix. However, God had plans of His own, and Sterling and Leigh’s wish to be in Texas was granted when the Waco market became available. Sterling opened his first shop in Woodway, Texas in 2012 and his second location in Temple, Texas in 2021.

Setting the Stage for a Generational Business

Something Sterling took notice of in his early meetings with our founder, Mark Carr, was the way he brought his own sons, Jonathan and Donnie, into the business. Sterling took this as a stamp of approval that family can be part of the business, bringing a new perspective along with their own unique skills and expertise. Having close relationships with his two sons, Abe and Ben, Sterling mentioned the great success his Woodway store was having and suggested they play a part in the business. Ben worked at the Georgetown store as a Service Advisor under Keith Guyton’s leadership, before transitioning over to Service Writer at his dad’s Woodway shop in 2016. Fast forward seven years to today and Ben runs operations for the family’s’ shops, Sterling handles the financial aspects of the business, and Abe assists with marketing and community involvement efforts.

Starting as a Customer Service Advisor in 2018, Scott Stidd’s daughter, Megan Roan, was also encouraged by her father to join the family business and help run their Weatherford shop. Scott found working alongside his daughter incredibly rewarding, noting that while they could push each other’s buttons at times, they ultimately improved their communication and were able to brainstorm new ideas and solutions effectively. As a current member of our FFLA program–a two-year opportunity that helps promising automotive service professionals build their managerial skills and carve a path for potential ownership–Megan is on the road to becoming a Franchisee herself.

Community & Familial Connections

The legacy that Scott and Sterling have built extends far beyond themselves and their families. Community engagement lies at the heart of their journey, echoing CBA’s commitment to making a tangible difference in our neighborhoods, whether that is through automotive care or a simple kind gesture. Scott's involvement in initiatives like Unfaulted, a program that supports young girls aging out of foster care, is especially important to him. For the last two National Service Days, CBA’s annual brand-wide day of giveback, Scott and his team have donated their time and efforts to Unfaulted, hoping to equip the women with the knowledge and skills to be successful, independent adults.

As for Sterling, he and his shops partner with churches in the community to help in whatever capacity they are needed. Focusing on individuals is the approach Sterling finds most effective when making a difference with members of his community, and his open-door policy allows anyone to come to him for help. By actively participating in programs that enhance and uplift their local communities, the Woody and Stidd families reinforce the notion that a successful business is one that nourishes the fabric of the community it serves.

Scott Stidd, Sterling Woody, and their families have etched a legacy that resonates deeply within the realms of faith, family, business, and community. Their journeys through CBA franchising have been guided by a profound purpose – one that extends beyond profits and encompasses values, relationships, and community impact. For those aspiring to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey, the lessons from Scott and Sterling are clear: success isn't just measured in numbers, but in the lives touched, the values upheld, and the communities enriched.

If our approach to a values-driven business aligns with your professional and personal goals, we’d love to connect with you and learn more about your background. Fill out our inquiry form and a member of our development team with be in touch.

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