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Building Your Own Business Versus Investing in a Franchise

Bridget Killian
July 26, 2023
Building Your Own Business Versus Investing in a Franchise

Deciding to start your own business can be daunting. Many individuals eager to go into business for themselves can run into issues regarding funding, marketing and operational challenges, putting them right back where they started. Franchisees, on the other hand, receive all the benefits of having franchisor support as they get their business up and running, as well as continued backing throughout the years ahead. At CBA, we are here to fuel entrepreneurial spirits by providing an outlined business structure that puts our franchisees on the path to sustainable and scalable growth in the automotive industry.

There are many factors to consider when deciding if investing in a franchise concept is best for you. Below we have outlined a few points to consider when deciding if a franchise concept is a superior choice for building your business.

Training and Ongoing Support

At CBA, our franchisee support does not end after opening day. We provide ongoing guidance to all franchisees and a diverse set of tools for our members to utilize such as self-paced, in-office, and hands-on training. Additionally, our Home Office of 150 individuals provides continuous and engaging two-way communication and guidance for each franchise owner.

In contrast, starting a business from scratch requires self-directed support, and lacks the availability of these tools, which are continuously evolving. There are no pre-existing courses or integration strategies to assist in building or scaling the business. As a result, the internal creative challenges of designing systems and operations often lead to a longer startup process. CBA is proud to provide franchise owners with a solid foundation to build their brand quickly and effectively through proven systems and procedures we’ve perfected over the last 40 years.

Brand Recognition

Since 1982, we have dedicated our business to providing strong, faith-based automotive care to every community we serve. Recognized nationally as a car repair business guests can trust, CBA impacts franchisees positively by positioning them with a strong brand presence in their community before they even open their shop. By franchising with CBA, owners automatically adopt more than just our name; they adopt our decades of customer satisfaction and reputation for providing all guests with the Nice Difference® experience.

Establishing a loyal reputation from scratch is a challenging endeavor to undergo as an independent business owner and can take years to establish. CBA offers a platform for franchisees to personalize their store while simultaneously leveraging a broader, renowned brand image of trustworthiness.

Recently, we’ve been ranked in the 2023 Culture 100 List by Franchise Business Review. The list rounds out the top 100 brands with the best franchise culture across the nation. CBA franchisees reported over a 97% satisfaction rate in being a part of the company, while 100% of these owners said they are likely to franchise with CBA again. This ranking reinforces that our commitment to respect, transparency, and integrity is appreciated and highly valued. CBA’s unmatched service and unwavering commitment are what we are known for across the country and our franchisees benefit from that reputation and are proud to be a part of a culture-driven business.

Reduced Risk and Higher Success Rates

Lastly, one of the most valuable ways in which CBA supports franchise owners is by offering an educational environment where franchisees can develop their personal and professional skill sets. Many of our franchisees enter the automotive service industry without prior experience, which does not hinder them from running successful CBA businesses thanks to our extensive and ongoing Home Office support.

One shining example of franchisee success is Andrew Slemp, owner of CBA Murfreesboro. Andrew was recently named a Franchise Rock Star by Franchise Business Review for his giveback efforts and meaningful impact in his community. Andrew has been a longstanding resident of Murfreesboro and worked alongside his dad to run his shop before he and his wife Tyrella took full reigns of the business in September 2021. Andrew was chosen out of 250 nominations and eight different categories because his approach to running his shop truly exemplified what it means to be a FBR Franchise Rock Star. Congrats to Andrew for his hard work and thank you for being a passionate steward of your team in Murfreesboro!

Starting a business from scratch has many appealing aspects for entrepreneurs, but owning a franchise provides an enticing alternative that combines the benefits of business ownership with the support and industry expertise of an established brand. By joining a franchise family like CBA, you position yourself for growth in the thriving automotive industry and have the chance to make a positive impact in your community. If that sounds like the entrepreneurial dream you’re chasing, we’d love to connect with you and learn more about your background. Fill out our inquiry form and a member of our development team with be in touch.

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