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Christian Brothers Automotive Celebrates Top Franchisees And Record Growth At Annual Convention

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April 3, 2017
Christian Brothers Automotive Celebrates Top Franchisees And Record Growth At Annual Convention


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We presented awards to our top-performing franchise owners at our annual owners convention, honoring them for their roles in achieving impressive overall growth, embodying our brand’s core values and delivering strong sales growth results for our automotive repair franchise. Christian Brothers franchise owners, vendors and corporate leaders gathered in Scottsdale, Ariz., to celebrate a successful year of growth and to give back during our annual outreach mission event.

“Choosing who to honor for this year’s awards was more difficult than ever before, because we had so many amazing examples of dedicated, driven franchisees to choose from,” says Mark Carr, founder, president and CEO. “I am extremely proud that our entire team continues to embody the values our brand was founded on by putting the needs of others first and proving why Christian Brothers truly does offer our guests a ‘nice difference.’”

Christian Brothers Automotive Founder, CEO and President Mark Carr

Christian Brothers Automotive Founder, CEO and President Mark Carr

Awards highlighted during the conference include:

Founders Award: Presented to Woodway, Texas, Christian Brothers owners Sterling and Leigh Woody. This award recognizes the franchisee that best exemplifies the founding principles of Christian Brothers Automotive and is chosen solely by Carr.

Rookies of the Year: Presented to Lafayette, CO, Christian Brothers owners Richard and Holly Welty, for achieving the highest percentage of growth over the previous year.

Franchise of the Year: Presented to Highlands Ranch, CO, Christian Brothers owners Greg and Tina Joseph. This award recognizes a franchise that has performed exceptionally well in all facets of business operation.

Lighthouse: Presented to Jack Moore, a franchise owner who embodied the spirit of the brand by becoming both a light in his community and in the industry. Nominees for the Lighthouse Award are suggested and voted on by fellow franchisees, and this year’s award was given posthumously to Moore, former owner of Jones Bridge Christian Brothers in Alpharetta, GA. Moore passed away in 2015 and is survived by his wife, Darla, and their three children, Dylan, Taylor and Madison.


Christian Brothers also takes time at its convention to give back to those in need through an annual outreach mission event. This year, they helped create new shoes for the people of Jinja, Uganda. The shoe patterns made by the group will be transported to Uganda, sewn by local tailors who are paid a fair wage for their labor, finished by Sole Hope Shoemakers and then given to children to protect their feet from infection. Financial support to Sole Hope will also help offer medical treatment, feet washing and education on sanitizing and preventing the spread of diseases across the region.

“Our annual outreach mission event is a reflection of our brand’s simple but powerful mission: Love your neighbor as yourself,” says Carr. “Our franchise owners already support their local communities in so many ways, but it was truly gratifying to see us work together as a group to help give back in another way.”

By following a straightforward guideline of “treat others as you wish to be treated,” the automotive repair franchise has garnered glowing reviews from guests who once dreaded visiting a repair shop. Our ease of scheduling, friendly and helpful employees and clean, inviting locations are why 98% of guests said they would return to a Christian Brothers Automotive facility in the future, and why 97% said they would recommend a facility to a friend.

“We are proud of the reputation our franchisees have worked so hard to build,” Carr says. “That dedication to providing a better experience continues to fuel our brand’s rapid growth into new markets across the country, and we look forward to celebrating even more exciting milestones on the road ahead.”

Christian Brothers Automotive

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