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Guests At Faith Based Franchise Are More Than Just Customers

Christian Brothers
April 7, 2017
Guests At Faith Based Franchise Are More Than Just Customers


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The Nice Difference makes lives brighter every day at Christian Brothers franchises.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, faith based franchise owners live out the values the company was founded on and showcase those values to every one of their guests. This is our Nice Difference and it sets us apart in every way. Living that culture every day pays off for franchise owners, their employees and their guests.


The Nice Difference affects everything we do at Christian Brothers, because it’s simply the way we live our lives. It’s something we look for from our very first conversations with franchise candidates, because it’s crucial to how we serve our guests and it’s one of the things our owners find so satisfying and fulfilling about running a faith based franchise.

“We’re looking for people who can see the big picture: taking care of our guests, and how that builds the culture and reputation of Christian Brothers and the service that we give,” says Vice President of Operations Donnie Carr. “If we can see their heart, their desire to serve, that’s an important quality that we look for.”


To help our faith based franchise owners live out the Nice Difference, we also have standards of hospitality for every guest, including greeting every guest promptly, keeping our lobbies and service bays clean and offering complimentary Courtesy Inspections on every vehicle that comes in.

These standards came directly from input from Christian Brothers franchise owners and represents the high bar we strive to clear every day. It’s our baseline of what excellent service looks like, so that guests enjoy their time at Christian Brothers and come back again.

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Guests appreciate the high standards of service and hospitality we hold ourselves to.


Other companies have taken notice of the way we do things at Christian Brothers, and we’re proud to have raised the standard for the auto service industry. More than that, we’re inspired every day to keep raising our own standards for what our guests can expect of us.

“It used to be something simple like our Courtesy Shuttle or having nice, clean lobbies, but that alone won’t elevate us above our competition anymore. We almost want to be in the hospitality industry,” says Carr. “The biggest thing we can do is show that our team genuinely cares about our guests and the concerns that they have about their vehicles. When our guests see that genuine care and desire to serve, that will continue to elevate the Christian Brothers brand.”


Founded in Houston in 1982 and franchising since 1996, Christian Brothers is a faith based franchise centered on a core philosophy of honesty, integrity, reliability and exceptional service. We provide full-service automotive repair for all domestic and foreign vehicles, and we pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, professional and clean automotive service experience every time.

If you’d like to learn more about owning your own Christian Brothers franchise, contact us to learn more. We’d love to start a conversation with you.

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