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Living Your Faith In Your Business: One Reason Franchisees Join Christian Brothers Franchise

Christian Brothers
February 4, 2015
Living Your Faith In Your Business: One Reason Franchisees Join Christian Brothers Franchise


Entrepreneurs are attracted to Christian Brothers for a number of reasons. Since we began franchising 19 years ago, not one franchise has been closed. The auto industry is massive, and vehicles will always need maintenance.

But one thing our franchisees have told us repeatedly is that they enjoy the opportunity we provide them to live their faith through their business.

Faith is at the heart of the Christian Brothers automotive story. Our CEO Mark Carr was not happy with his efforts in architectural millwork and trade show display. He prayed for a new path and business opportunity one night in 1981. When Mark attended Sunday school at his church the next day, a gentleman in his class told him that he was an automotive technician and asked if he would help him start an automotive repair shop. And thus began what we now know as Christian Brothers Automotive Company.

Faith has remained central to our business and guided Mark’s relationships with our customers and business partners. When we embarked upon franchising in 1996, we began attracting others who had a servant’s heart and enjoyed the freedom to live their faith 24 hours a day — without feeling as if they had to leave it at the front door.

Here’s what some franchisees have to say about living their faith at Christian Brothers:

“As a Christian, faith-based business, when we become profitable, we look forward to being able to help people and organizations that need help. One of the things that attracted me to auto repair is that the industry as a whole has a black eye. I am fortunate to be in a situation where I can be a source of light for the community by providing great service.”

— Charles Yun (Raleigh, North Carolina)

“After I ran across the Christian Brothers’ website and viewed the company’s mission statement and its ideals, I talked to [Vice-President] Josh Wall. I was drawn to the mission and the history of Christian Brothers. I like that it is firmly faith-based, has a commitment to integrity and has a dedication to excellent service. The principles of the brand were all attractive to me. This was further cemented upon meeting the corporate team and witnessing the integrity of the company up close.”

— Doug Beachy (Miami Township, Ohio)

“A lot of customers ask what Christian means in the name. There is an assumption that we have to prove that with the name comes integrity and honesty. For us, as customers, that was a big draw. It was nice knowing that it was meaningful and not just a marketing ploy.”

— Andrea Peterson (Castle Rock, Colorado)

“I like that I’m free to express my faith. Both of my businesses have a stack of free Bibles on the counter for anyone who may need one or would like to read one while they’re here. It helps me remember who I represent as a Christian in the way I do business.”

— Jeff Toth (Katy, Texas)


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