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Honoring Our Veterans with Proven Auto Repair Franchise Opportunities

When we hear about armed service members retiring or returning home from service, we're often grateful for what they've done for our country and thankful that they're okay. Less often, however, do we consider that these brave men and women can face a tough transition back to civilian life. Many of them are often eager to re-enter the workforce and make a contribution to their community... but are not sure how or where to start.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we have built a reputation for being a top franchise for veterans looking to run their own business. In 2012, we were proud to be named the number one Best Performing Veteran Franchise by USAA Magazine. Our incredible franchise track record and the fact that we've never defaulted on an SBA loan contributed to this rating, but so has our commitment to putting our franchisees on the stable path towards long-term success.

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Retired Colonel Jud Cook's Story

Our experience with making military veterans successful automotive franchise owners is perhaps best exemplified in the story of Retired Colonel Jud Cook. Jud served for 29 years and, with retirement in sight, he and his wife knew that after having uprooted their family 17 times during his service, it was time to settle down somewhere. In 2013, retirement finally came and he left his post as a head engineer for U.S. Central Command (CentCom).

Jud Cook is also a self-professed "car nut," as he describes here: "There is probably not a car repair show that comes on that I don’t try to catch. Also, my research indicated that auto repair is a very resilient business and continues to be something that everybody needs. They’re keeping cars longer, the cars are older and they need more repairs. When the economy improves, more people will buy new cars, which will mean more cars on the road that will need repairs. So, in addition to Christian Brothers being a Godly choice because of their values, it’s a choice that is economically advantageous."

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Jud and his family's commitment to their church was also something to consider. They wanted to find an opportunity that would continue to allow them to do good and apply the teachings of Christ to their everyday interactions with their community. According to Jenny Cook, Christian Brothers Automotive's commitment to this kind of idea was evident when they visited our headquarters in Houston:

"The bottom line, as much as everyone wants to make a good living, that wasn’t the be-all and end-all. Researching other companies, you got the feeling that was their be-all and end-all. Christian Brothers is looking for franchise team memberswho can grow with the company and want to do things the right way. During Discovery Day, I felt everyone was interested in knowing who we are and why we wanted to do this. It felt as though God had prepared a place for us."

Jud now owns and operates a Christian Brothers Automotive in Tampa, FL. He and Jenny's story is indicative of so many others in which military veterans have found a place to focus their energies, diligence, and desire to better their neighbor's lives in Christian Brothers Automotive. We're proud to be able to provide this particular opportunity for veterans and continue to welcome them to our franchise opportunities.

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Hear From Some of Our Franchisees

  • "I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen. We’ve met trainers when they’ve come out to the other stores in the Tampa area, and they are always very professional and obviously know what they’re doing and what pitfalls franchisees need to look ..."

    Retired Army Col. Jud Cook. and his wife Jenny

  • "There are so many little things we do to let people know, ‘Hey, I’m trying to help you out.’ For instance, we’ll go out and jump start cars so customers don’t have to have their cars towed in, which saves them money, and our National Service Day for ..."

    Matt & Lee Rucks

  • "People don’t understand auto repair, and they need someone dependable they can trust, someone who will tell them truth."

    Jeff Toth