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How the CBA Home Office Drives Joy through Expertise, Growth and Leadership

Bridget Killian
January 22, 2024
How the CBA Home Office Drives Joy through Expertise, Growth and Leadership

The new year is in full swing and the Christian Brothers Home Office is excited about what lies ahead both for us and the automotive industry as a whole. Buckle up as we take a look at upcoming trends, explore our plans for expansion and share the strides we are taking to better our Franchise Owners, Operators and Shop Team Members through continued education in auto repair.

As we start the engine and kick off 2024, let's delve into the trends shaping the auto industry's landscape for the next 12 months.

Driving Trends in the Auto Industry

Consumer trends in 2024 point to a significant increase in vehicle ownership duration. As people increasingly recognize the importance of extending their vehicle's lifespan, Christian Brothers Automotive (CBA) is well-positioned for success. Our commitment to exceptional guest service and continuous technician training aligns with the rising average length of vehicle ownership. Moreover, the growing preference for reliable local repair shops, driven by reduced confidence in dealerships, emphasizes CBA's role as a trustworthy partner in vehicle maintenance and longevity.

Where is Christian Brothers Automotive Growing Next?

We are excited to bring our core values and services to more communities throughout 2024 and beyond. This year, we are focused on growing in key markets throughout the Midwest and Southeast, with a special focus on Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. In addition to continued development in existing markets, we are looking forward to bringing our automotive franchise to our 31st state – Wyoming – with plans to open in the Equality State by 2025. Check out our interactive map on our franchise site for a full scope of our growth plans.

Empowering Franchisees and Team Members Through Auto Repair Education

In 2024, our Learning & Development Team at Christian Brothers Automotive has their sights set on launching enhanced online learning opportunities for CBA Franchise Owners, Operators and their team members. We are taking the driver's seat in revolutionizing auto repair education, complete with tailored onboarding processes specific to each shop job role. With the introduction of these innovative tools, our goal is to support the growth of each Franchise Owner, Operator and Shop Team Member both in their current roles and future aspirations.

In addition, we are updating our point-of-sale training and continuing to add industry-leading automotive technology training for Shop Team Members. This new online interactive learning software looks to improve their learning experience while making their opportunities for growth more accessible. We continue to find new ways to accelerate skill development and empower Shop Team Members to provide an industry-leading guest experience while positively impacting profitability. In an effort to meaningfully impact the brand, our goal is to train more than 1,200 Shop Team Members this year through our various program offerings.

Gearing Up for a Year of Excellence, Innovation, and Joy

As Christian Brothers Automotive accelerates into 2024, we envision a year defined by driving excellence, innovation and joy in the world of automotive service. Join us as we continue to love our neighbor as ourselves through fixing cars!

Christian Brothers Automotive

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