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Auto repair is a big industry with big potential. Throughout times of both prosperity and recession, the automotive repair industry has thrived. The reason why is simple: Americans rely on their cars. Maintaining and repairing our vehicles isn't an extravagance—it's often a necessity. Hard economic times mean that people are driving their vehicles for longer, rather than buying something new.

U.S. auto repair industry statistics:

  • There were 276.1 million cars on the road in 2019
  • The average age of U.S. vehicles was 11.8 in 2019 (an all-time high)
  • Average vehicle age has risen by 17% in the past decade
  • On average, Americans spend more than $817 a year on car maintenance/repairs
  • More than $125 billion/year is spent on maintenance/repairs overall

No automotive background? No problem!

One of the key things that sets CBA apart from other automotive service franchises is that most of our franchisees didn’t come from an automotive background. We want franchisees that can see the business from a customer’s perspective. We don’t want to be like other auto repair shops who may be great on repairs but weak on overall customer experience. We want our stores to be clean, friendly, professional, convenient and — most of all — caring and compassionate. We look for franchisees who share our values, and we have developed robust training and support to take care of the rest.

Join The Winning Team

  • We Don't Get Royalties Until You Do.

    We are committed to our franchisees. That's why Christian Brothers Automotive works with our individual business owners every step of the way. From the first piece of paperwork to the first car that rolls into the shop, we are dedicated to helping our franchisees make the most of their business. Unlike other franchises, we split net profits, not net sales--because we believe in helping our franchisees succeed.
  • Leading the Industry Together.

    Christian Brothers Automotive has opened more than 215 locations across 30 states and has never closed a single shop. This is because our franchisees are never without the resources they need to succeed. On top of the robust training programs available, we have a dedicated staff of 100+ people at the Home Office here to serve our franchisees in automotive technology, recruiting, franchise business coaching, legal, accounting, marketing and more

    Tools For Success
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    From beginning to end, the franchisee approval process takes around four to six weeks. If you’re interested in business ownership and are looking to join a winning team, contact our Home Office to learn more. One of our team members will reach out to you to begin the process.
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Our Accolades

  • #1 in Customer Satisfaction

    #1 in Customer Satisfaction for two years in a row*

  • Voted in the Top 200 Franchises 7 Years in a Row

  • #2 in America’s Best Franchises to Buy by Forbes

  • Top 50 Franchise for 10 Years in a Row

  • Voted the #1 Opportunity in 2016

  • Voted Top Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

* For the 2nd consecutive time, Christian Brothers Automotive is #1 in Customer Satisfaction among Aftermarket Full-Service Maintenance and Repair Providers in the J.D. Power 2021 Aftermarket Service Index.

Hear From Some of Our Franchisees

  • "They have a lot of honesty and integrity, and that extends not only to the way they treat customers, but the way they treat franchisees and the way that employees are treated, too."

    Blair Jordan

  • "It’s not God over there and job over here. God is in everything. I appreciate being able to go into a business where that is embraced."

    Jade Stanford

  • "I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen. We’ve met trainers when they’ve come out to the other stores in the Tampa area, and they are always very professional and obviously know what they’re doing and what pitfalls franchisees need to look ..."

    Retired Army Col. Jud Cook. and his wife Jenny