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Why Now Is the Time to team up with a Christian Business

Throughout times of both prosperity and recession, the automotive repair industry has thrived. The reason why is simple: Americans rely on their cars. Maintaining and repairing our vehicles isn't an extravagance—it's often a necessity.

Some U.S. auto repair industry statistics:

  • There were 257.9 million cars on the road in 2015
  • The average age of U.S. vehicles was 11.5 in 2015 (an all-time high)
  • On average, Americans spend more than $500 a year on car maintenance/repairs
  • More than $125 billion is spent on maintenance/repairs overall

Other factors also continue to contribute to the stability of the auto repair industry. For example, vehicle manufacturing methods and standards have continued to rise, meaning car owners often get much more time out of their vehicle than generations past. Buying brand new cars has also become less of a priority for individuals and families looking to save money, which keeps older cars on the road longer and makes them more prone to upkeep and occasional repairs.

The Christian Brothers Automotive Approach

The fact that people rely on their cars has been a boon for the auto repair industry for decades. Too often, we see auto shops and mechanics take advantage of customers left stranded without their vehicle and with no choice but to pay their way out of their situation.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we do things differently. Our staff is trained to fully recognize how disruptive an automotive issue can be for our customers and to resolve the situation as honestly, swiftly, and reliably as possible. We believe customers should understand what is happening with their vehicle and what their options are to get it running at full capacity again. We never surprise our customers with big repairs and have transparent discussions with them throughout every stage of their auto service so they can feel confident about the work that we do for them.

Auto Repair Shop Stations

Here's what Jade Stanford, owner of a North Carolina Christian Brothers Automotive, has to say about why this approach is so critical:
"The automotive business is sometimes compared to the medical industry, and here’s why: The majority of your clients are not experts in what you’re doing, so there is a tremendous amount of trust involved that you are operating in their best interest. I believe there is a tremendous demand in the market for people who provide comprehensive, ethical service. That is what we strive to do for our customers every day."

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Hear From Some of Our Franchisees

  • "Once a year, every fall, we do a single moms oil change day. We work with local churches to find people who need it. We don’t advertise it or broadcast it to the masses. It’s an awesome experience that our staff thoroughly enjoys."

    Brad & Kasey Fink

  • "I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen. We’ve met trainers when they’ve come out to the other stores in the Tampa area, and they are always very professional and obviously know what they’re doing and what pitfalls franchisees need to look ..."

    Retired Army Col. Jud Cook. and his wife Jenny

  • "They have a lot of honesty and integrity, and that extends not only to the way they treat customers, but the way they treat franchisees and the way that employees are treated, too."

    Blair Jordan